Hair by Type and Season

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Vital Spring

STRIKING SPRING — (Spring – Winter, aka Vital/Bright/Clear Spring) medium to dark brunette, root beer brown, black (with warm tones), also blonde or platinum, or silver, gray or white hair. Skin tone is porcelain to dark olive but with yellow or clear pink under base.  Angular, oval or oblong face shape.  Eyes are usually brown, possibly with a yellow marking, may also be shining golden brown or blue with rays or spokes, or yellow marking around starburst, or open space in nerve wreath. (Skin around the eyes will be yellow in Springs).  [spring-winter personality description]

With secondary Winter, this season needs saturated hair color.

Dark haired Vital Spring: avoid light highlights,
try a brunette gloss instead

Brunette Gloss

Courtesy (5)
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Disclaimer: I am not a professional hair dresser. I am a seasonal color analysis, fashion and personality blogger.